HVOF Thermal Spray Powder for Surface Coating WC-Co

Thermal Spray Powder WC Base Powder: The advantages of our company: 1.100% factory manufacturing and factory direct sales 2. Competitive price and quality guarantee 3. Small order is welcomed. 4. Sample free is available. 5. Different specifications(purity and particle size .etc) of the product...
Product description

Thermal Spray Powder

WC Base Powder:


Product Character:Tungsten Carbide 12 wt.% sintered and crushed powders are most commonly applied using HVOF or atmospheric plasma spray tp produce very dense,well-bonded coatings.These coatings provide excellent resistance against most forms of abrasive wear ar lowder service temperatures.

The materials contain fine-grained carbides for resistance against abrasive grains,hard surfaces,particle erosion and fretting wear mechanisms.They should be used in dry,non-corrosive environments.

Compared to coatings of tungsten carbide -17 wt.% cobalt,the reduced matrix content leads to coatings that are less ductile with higher hardness and better resistance to fretting and abasion.

The advantage of HVOF and technology character:

1. The matrix material is not restricted, can be metal and non-metal, can be sprayed on various matrix materials;

2. The coating materials can be sprayed widely, and thermal spraying technology can be used to spray almost all solid engineering materials, such as hard alloy, ceramic, metal, graphite, etc.

3. During the spraying process, the substrate material temperature rise is small, without stress and deformation;

4. The operation process is flexible and convenient. It is not limited by the shape of the workpiece.

5. The coating thickness can range from 0.01 to a few millimeters;

6. The coating performance is various, can form wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, oxidation, 

insulation, conduction, radiation and so on have various special function coating;

7. Strong adaptability and good economic benefits.

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