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Zhuzhou Jiangwu Boda Hard-facing Materials Co.,Ltd Company Introduction
Jul 20, 2018

Zhuzhou jiangtungsten-boda hard surface materials co., LTD. Was jointly established in 2007 by jiangxi rare earth metals tungsten group co., LTD. (jiangtungsten-group) and zhuzhou boda tungsten industry co., LTD. Jiang tungsten group is a state-owned enterprise with one hundred years of history, is also the Chinese features of tungsten, rare and rare earth metal exploration, mining, smelting, processing, trade, equipment manufacturing in a body's group co., LTD. Zhuzhou and tungsten industry co., LTD., since 1993 has been working on hard facing materials production, product technology content high, mature technology, advanced equipment, professional technology, production, sales and management team and quality assurance system, both at home and abroad have broad and stable market. Zhuzhou jiang tungsten and hard facing materials co., LTD. Product range includes thermal spraying powder, refractory metal powder, refractory metal carbides, such as new hard facing materials, widely used in oil drilling, aerospace, machine tools, mining mining, Marine facilities, and other fields. The main products are hard alloy particles and their electrode, thermal spray powder, single crystal tungsten carbide, crystal tungsten, all kinds of carbide and so on.

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