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Work Summary For The First Half Of 2018
Jul 06, 2018

In 2018, jiangtungsten-boda earnestly implemented the working spirit of the group, and made great efforts to firmly seize the favorable opportunity of market recovery and increase production and sales, and achieved gratifying results. We will adhere to the principle of setting production by sales, achieve a balance between production and sales, continue to optimize the product structure, and significantly improve economic efficiency. We will complete the task of scheduling ahead of schedule in terms of production and sales volume, sales revenue and profits.

1. Further implement refined production management, adopt more channels to improve the product yield, strengthen the continuous operation time of equipment, and further control the energy consumption level.

2. Continuously promote the r&d and production progress of the company's new products, especially the broken alloy and YSZ products, so as to enter the mass production stage as soon as possible and create benefits for the company.

3. Strengthen equipment management, improve the continuous running time of the equipment, and enhance the operating efficiency of the equipment; Further cut costs and reduce consumption.

4. Revitalize the company's inventory materials through multiple channels to improve the utilization rate and turnover efficiency of materials.

5, to clean and civilized production and standardization of safety management for the gripper, continue to strengthen production site management, improve the production efficiency, achieve sustained secure, stable quality, reduce cost, decreasing the consumption, benefit growth target.


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