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What Impact Does Sino US Trade Friction Have On Domestic Industries?
Aug 09, 2018

From the current second round of "tax increases" between China and the United States, the United States has imposed sanctions on China's high-tech industries, while the Chinese are targeting American agriculture. Specifically, the following industries will be affected:

First, biopharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the pillar industries in the United States. However, in recent years, the performance of major pharmaceutical companies in the United States has declined significantly, accompanied by a large scale of downsizing. At the same time, China's pharmaceutical enterprises are growing rapidly, and exports are growing rapidly. Biomedicine has also become the future force of the Chinese side. However, the US sanctions against China's pharmaceutical industry have greatly affected the development of biomedicine.

Second, new energy cars. In recent years, China has made great progress in the new energy auto industry and exports all over the world. The United States is not the main destination for China's export, but the parts of the new energy vehicles will be greatly affected, especially the tires. 

Third, aeronautical products. In fact, the United States is the main country for export to China, while China has hardly exported to the United States of aviation products. The trade war has a great impact on the American aviation industry. However, Trump's move is aimed at combating China's "theft" of aviation technology. However, this will also force the Chinese side to increase its own knowledge of the development of autonomous knowledge. Property right products.

Fourth, the new generation of information technology. The United States believes that the progress of China in the field of information technology is threatening the hegemony of the United States in this field. The United States unilaterally divides several of the Chinese information enterprise giants into the scope of the government, and further deepens its concern in this respect. Therefore, the United States intends to increase tariffs on Chinese enterprises in the import of products in this respect. China has made concessions in these areas.

Fifth, machinery industry. In the high-end machinery industry, the United States is in an absolute trade surplus, so it has little impact on the Chinese side, but in other machinery industries, the impact is larger, because the increase of tax on product prices, lost the advantage of competing with other countries.

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