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Tungsten Carbide Production Method
Mar 21, 2018

Using tungsten and carbon as raw materials, carbon black with an average particle size of 3 to 5 μm is dry-blended with a ball mill of the same amount, and after mixing, it is pressure-molded and placed in a graphite disk, and then in a graphite resistance furnace. Or induction furnace heating to 1400 ~ 1700 °C, preferably controlled at 1550 ~ 1650 °C. In the hydrogen stream, W2C is initially generated and the reaction continues at high temperatures to form WC. Alternatively, first, tungsten carbonyl is thermally decomposed at 650-1000°C in a CO atmosphere to obtain a tungsten powder, which is then reacted with carbon monoxide at 1150°C to obtain WC, at temperatures above which W2C can be formed.

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