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Tungsten Carbide Precautions
Mar 21, 2018

Health hazards: Tungsten dust can cause peribronchitis, bronchiolar bronchitis, atresia bronchiolitis, and atrophic emphysema. Tungsten carbide can cause proliferative reactions in the lung's lymphoid tissue cells and gradually develop hardening. Blood vessel walls thicken and homogenize. The persons with exposure to tungsten carbide dust during work have disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, renal stimulation, and catarrhal inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. The maximum allowable concentration of tungsten carbide is 6mg/m. The maximum allowable concentration of soluble tungsten compounds (in terms of tungsten) is 1 mg/m in the United States, and that of insoluble tungsten compounds (in terms of tungsten) is 5 mg/m.

Safety protection: Use respirator, dustproof clothing, gloves and glasses that meet the requirements. At all stages of production, dust should be prevented from leaking. Workers are required to undergo physical examination before employment and are required to have regular inspections once a year. When there are obvious symptoms in the upper respiratory tract, temporarily mobilize work and get out of contact with tungsten. When lung sclerosis or external respiratory dysfunction occurs, work should be removed.

Storage: It should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse. Pay attention to the integrity of the packaging container during transportation, and prevent rain and sun exposure.

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