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Thermal Spray Powder And Tungsten Carbide Materials Usage
Oct 12, 2018

Powder metallurgy is the main or only manufacturing method of high performance material products such as high alloying, difficult processing and refractory metals, which plays an important role in modern manufacturing and national defense.China has become a major producer of powder metallurgy in the world. However, it lags behind Europe and the United States in terms of high-quality metal powder, precision forming of parts and service performance, etc., and the research and development level of new materials and new technologies is still far behind the leading level of foreign countries.

From the perspective of industrial development, high purity, low cost and large-scale stable production is the trend of technological development.In terms of powder raw materials, a new type of resource-saving and environment-friendly powder material should be developed, focusing on the preparation of ultra-high purity, ultra-fine, high-melting point, non-equilibrium and various kinds of excellent physical and chemical properties powder.In terms of powder forming and consolidation, the high-efficiency, high-precision and intelligent near-net forming and sintering technology can be vigorously developed, aiming to form a complete set of industrialized technologies in the process of powder forging, injection forming, activation sintering, 3D printing, etc., Our company zhuzhou jiangwu boda hard facing materials co.,ltd is specialized in HVOF thermal spray powder and tungsten carbide materials more than twenty years,include WC-Co series,WC-Co-Cr series ,tungsten carbide series,metal carbide series and PTA series etc.Pls click our for more details if you are interested in our products.

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