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The Tungsten Raw Material Market Has A Stable Operation With A Strong Tungsten Price
Nov 07, 2018

The overall tungsten market continued a small upward trend, the market inquiries slightly improved.Although the pressure on downstream smelters to settle accounts is high near the end of the year, the supply side is supportive, the overall state of the tungsten raw material market is optimistic, and some downstream manufacturers are gradually carrying out procurement and stocking work before the holiday, and the short-term tungsten price remains bullish.

Tungsten concentrates on the market, jiangxi next year on January 1, the environmental protection tax, most suppliers to the market price after the New Year's day is bullish expectations, will generally goods sales go, individual traders for years ago capital pressure release part inventory liquidation, ship market as a whole is still mediocre, short-term price of tungsten concentrate is expected to maintain a steady upward trend.

In APT market, due to the tight spot supply of tungsten mines and the shippers' reluctance to sell, the quotation of APT smelter is strong due to the difficulty in purchasing raw materials, but the acceptance of the downstream market is still low, resulting in the general market transaction performance.Cost side support is relatively stable, short term APT price is expected to follow the slow upward trend of raw materials.

In the tungsten powder market, the order situation of the downstream alloy and product enterprises is not good, the overall volume of products sold in the powder market is not large, the environmental protection production is reduced and the raw materials are difficult to fill the warehouse, the smelter starts general situation, the short term tungsten powder price maintains stable operation under the support of cost.

On the whole, the overall attitude of the tungsten raw material market remains firm. Therefore, it is difficult to conduct actual trading in the market. It is expected that the domestic tungsten price will remain stable in the short term.

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