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The Situation Of Tungsten Powder, Hard Facing Materials And Tungsten Carbide Market
Nov 05, 2018

Alloy and hard facing materials the requirements are not too much change, it also makes the downstream manufacturers view of afternoon is not optimistic, with the source of the upward trend is a little bit.The growth of terminal demand is not obvious and active, so the market has not really improved completely, and the market situation in the future is more likely to remain stable. How far can the rise of the original tungsten market go next? The coordination of terminal demand is crucial, and it is necessary to continue to pay attention to the demand of back-end products.The downstream powder alloy and its products enterprises are mostly restricted by the order, the order rate of export order is still not high.In the short term market orders will continue to be in a state of tension.In view of this market situation in the downstream, the downstream manufacturers are suitable to adopt the conservative strategy of on-demand procurement, but at the same time, they also need to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, pay close attention to the good practices of competitors in management, research and development, production and sales, and introduce and absorb them according to the actual situation of the enterprise.Cooperate with the establishment of ERP system of the group to promote the development of enterprise in market procurement and e-commerce;At the same time, we should also pay attention to market diversification, especially in One Belt And One Road countries, so as to reduce the impact of sino-us trade war on enterprises' foreign trade business.

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