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The Raw Materials Market Situation In September
Oct 16, 2018

In early September, domestic tungsten products remained weak and stable. After long order and low quotation, market participants were pessimistic, so they responded quickly and followed up the shipment.APT market price dropped from 159,000 yuan/ton to 156,000 yuan/ton.Considering the price of tungsten sand, APT price is close to the cost line, there is still a profit space of about 50,000 / ton in the smelter, the profit space of traders engaged in OEM business is thin, the supply side maintains a stable mentality, but the demand side is weak and weak, the market waits for the entrance of domestic and foreign demand side, and the market maintains a weak forward.

tungsten ore prices remain weak, stabilizing market rised and tungsten ore traders to take strategy in mines, smelters fear risk taken according to the order quantity to purchase raw material, do not rush to follow up.At present, tungsten-sand traders and smelters mainly maintain safe stocks to meet the long order delivery and moderate speculative demand, and purchase at a reasonable price. Although mines and tungsten-sand traders adopt a strategy of selling sparingly, they will also respond to and sell instead of just one piece of iron plate.The market is still weak and moving forward.At present, the market price of 50 degree black tungsten ore is about 97,000 yuan/standard ton.The price of wolframite concentrate is about 98-100,000 yuan/bid ton. According to the current processing ratio and processing fee, APT cost is about 153,000 yuan/ton.

huamao feedback, the first half of September, due to the APT raw material price stability, the price of tungsten carbide is relatively stable, clinch a deal the price is in 243-248 yuan/kg;

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