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The Main Component Of The Cast Tungsten Carbide
Mar 21, 2018

It can be roughly divided into three materials: manganese steel, chrome steel, and tungsten carbide. The user must choose according to production needs.

 Tungsten carbide grinding blanks are sintered and then ground to the required size. Pure tungsten carbide powder cannot be shaped, and cobalt must be added for sintering. The higher the content of tungsten carbide, the higher the hardness of the material, but the strength is reduced and it becomes brittle. So choose the right proportion. Both high hardness, high wear resistance, but also strong. To adapt to research (material) 钵 working conditions. Although the material has high hardness and good abrasion resistance, it is still not allowed to wrestle or beat. Proper use of the material can increase the service life of the material. When loading, the sample should be evenly distributed in the solid block, round Ring, the middle of the body wall, in order to avoid unnecessary wear, please try to avoid the tungsten carbide material in the grinder idling.

 How to achieve the smashing effect, too long smashing time will cause the stickiness of the sample and the temperature of the material to rise sharply. If the time is too short, the smash fineness cannot be achieved. To obtain the best smashing effect, the user can use the vibration frequency of the crusher. Adjust the crush time. The contamination source on the surface of the material must not be ignored. One or more waste samples should be sampled before the sample is officially crushed (commonly known as the brush pot), and the parts of the tungsten carbide material and the powder that contact the powder must be studied. Tungsten carbide alloy.

 Outside the bread with steel sleeves, not afraid of bump. Seals are used to prevent the powder from escaping. Even if there is trace wear of the material itself during grinding, it will fall into the powder and will not cause contamination of the sample. Suggested Configuration To avoid cross-contamination between samples, try to use a tungsten carbide material for one sample, chrome steel or manganese steel for coarse material grinding, and tungsten carbide material for iron-free contamination. In order to be able to match the vibrating mills of different origins, we can customize a variety of dimensions of tungsten carbide material.

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