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Raw Material Market Situation And Strategy
Jul 19, 2018

At the beginning of June, APT market maintained a high consolidation trend. Due to several APT smelters have to return to work and production in the past a period of time back to normal levels, mainstream offer basic maintain in 18 - cash price 181000 yuan/ton, but is very difficult to actual transaction, the buyer's order for downstream anemic again at the same time worried that after the stock market risk so don't take the initiative to clinch a deal or interacting, clinch a deal, the seller will keep on, because environmental protection high pressure APT cash flow nervous won't on sale, I have pressed for money market supplier of a small amount of land under 180000 price to pay, on the whole, the actual clinch a deal the slow scarce, and the price is hard to pin, low price to buy.

The price of tungsten ore has been hovering. The mainstream price of 65 degrees of tungsten concentrate is around 122,000 yuan, and the mainstream price of 50 degrees is above 110,000 yuan.

tungsten powder and the back end to the current raw material market is still not positive response, wait-and-see atmosphere is strong.

European customers has been gradually into summer break mode, more European middlemen to our proposal to the spot of resale our European warehouse. Orders have fallen sharply recently and are expected to remain so for some time to come.

tungsten products overseas markets after a positive showing in the past few months, there has been a significant weakness. It is expected that foreign APT prices will be adjusted to a certain extent in the future. At present, we should control the reasonable inventory level and control the inventory to a certain level without affecting the delivery of the outside market.

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