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Prospect Of Spraying Industry
Sep 11, 2018

Thermal spray products including medical, aerospace and defense, optical fiber communication, energy, industrial products, environmental protection, all areas of a preference for high performance ceramic coating is higher and higher, spray in the global market demand growing situation, now the us tariff policy, direct hit exports to the United States market.But I believe this situation is only temporary, but it also reminds us to move to other potential markets, such as the asia-pacific region, Europe region and Japan and South Korea.Research and development spending in Europe's pharmaceutical industry is expected to drive demand for products in the coming years.Russia's high potential for crude oil and natural gas, combined with increased production by manufacturers, will make Europe a key market.Industrial applications in the asia-pacific region for ships, helicopters, tanks, locomotives and motorcycles will also drive further industry growth in the coming years.At the same time, the spraying industry also drives the revival of traditional demand, which is mainly reflected in the three major application fields of cemented carbides such as cutting tools, mining tools and wear-resistant tools.

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