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Market Dynamics And Related Policies
Jul 18, 2018

The first, fourth, fifth and sixth environmental protection supervision teams of the central government have recently moved into henan, jiangxi, guangxi and yunnan provinces respectively to carry out environmental protection supervision "looking back". According to the arrangement, the central environmental protection inspection teams will be stationed for one month.

Shen Yang machine bed and xiamen tungsten industry signed the strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, the two sides will conduct comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in motor, control technology and equipment intelligence. As the leading enterprise in China's machine tool industry, shenyang machine tool in xiamen tungsten, means that China's machine tool industry core features of others situation is expected to be broken for a long time, and thus promote the realization of the core areas of machine tool industry manufacture completely.

Xiamen Tungsten announcement, the company and China Tungsten and Hightech electronic Materials Co., ltd. signed a long-term purchase agreement, the company and affiliated to China Tungsten and Hightech company and its subsidiaries of procurement and Tungsten oxide of para-ammonium tungstate Tungsten products, such as the number of transactions will be according to company requirements and high new supply ability of Tungsten every month agreed, Tungsten and Tungsten oxide of para-ammonium tungstate, product sales price in accordance with the delivery of the goods in the market the average price level of the product be negotiated.

There have been some changes in the policy of tungsten concentrate recently: the first is the purchase certificate, the second is the tax rebate policy. But these policies have not yet been unified between hunan and jiangxi provinces. Ganzhou DaYu, etc, and bamboo-shack cancelled the purchase document, no clear tax take not cancel file, but some county businesses can't bought tickets in revenue, waiting for the clear policy papers. However, rucheng city of hunan has clearly cancelled the tax rebate policy at the beginning of the year, and other parts of hunan have not clearly cancelled the tax rebate policy, but the purchase vouchers can still be used. Overall tungsten ore trading on the purchase document and tax policies have the effect of fairly, the different policy to cancel will have certain effect on the tungsten ore market, the embodiment of the temporary consumption season, however, were not obvious. The cancellation of the purchase certificate is a powerful mace to the unknown source of tungsten and sand raw materials. Supply and demand determine the price. If the purchase certificate and tax rebate policy are finally abolished, it will affect the market supply and provide certain support to the price of tungsten and sand.

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