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Hard Surface Material Market Situation Of Raw Materials
Aug 10, 2018

Xiamen tungsten industry announced that the company intends to sign a long-term purchase agreement with China tungsten high tech material Limited by Share Ltd. The company and its subordinate companies purchase tungsten products such as ammonium para tungstate and tungsten oxide, such as ammonium para tungstate and tungsten oxide, and their subordinate companies. The number of transactions will be agreed on month by month according to the demand of the company and the high new supply capacity of tungsten, ammonium para tungstate and ammonium para tungstate. The selling price of tungsten oxide and tungsten products is negotiated according to the market average price level of the product in the month of delivery.

There are some changes in the policy of tungsten concentrate in recent years: first, the acquisition of certificates, and the two is the return tax policy. But these policies have not yet been unified between the two provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi. Ganzhou, Nankang, Chong Yi, etc. have cancelled the purchase vouchers, the return tax does not cancel the absence of clear documents, but some county enterprises can not buy tickets in the tax bureau, waiting for clear policy documents. Rucheng, Hunan, has explicitly abolished the tax return policy at the beginning of the year, and other parts of Hunan have not explicitly abolished the tax return policy, but the acquisition certificate can still be used. Generally speaking, the purchase voucher and tax return policy on the trade of tungsten sand play a significant role. The cancellation of these two policies will have a certain impact on the wolfram market, but the temporary consumption season has not been clearly reflected. The cancellation of purchase vouchers is a powerful killer for raw materials of tungsten from unknown sources, and the abolition of the tax refund policy has stripped the owner of his profit margin. The relationship between supply and demand determines the price, the purchase voucher and the policy of return tax will affect the market supply if the final unified policy is cancelled, which will bring some support to the price of tungsten sand.

The PT market has been maintaining a high position. As many APT smelters have returned to work in succession to the normal level in the past period, the mainstream quotation is basically maintained at 18-18.1 yuan / T cash price, but the actual transaction is quite difficult. The buyer is not active or pressed to deal with the market risk after the lower order of the lower reaches and the market risk after the stock hoarding. The seller is due to the ring. The high pressure continued, APT spot circulation is very tense and unwilling to reduce the price of sales, the market occasionally because of the need for capital suppliers in a small amount of lower prices below 180 thousand to promote the transaction, in general, the actual transaction is slow and scarce, high prices are difficult to sell, low price is difficult to buy.

Tungsten prices have been in a state of wandering, tungsten concentrate 65 degrees mainstream quotation 112 thousand up and down, 50 degrees mainstream quotation 110 thousand biased.

The market for tungsten powder and rear end has not yet responded positively to the current raw material market.

European customers have gradually entered the summer break mode, and the European middleman has proposed to our company to sell the European warehouse back to us. In the near future, orders are significantly reduced, and the situation is expected to continue for some time in the future.

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