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Current Situation Of Tungsten Raw Materials
Nov 09, 2018

National Day long vacation after the price of tungsten market W and APT in first place market slightly upward, in a steady state, but tungsten powder and alloy side reaction is not obvious, needs to restore not ideal, after the end of the market to give their support of the whole market is limited, the source of manufacturers and terminal manufacturers have different perception of the market: an inquiry of tungsten concentrate slightly increased, relative to the APT and tungsten powder is more active, so, in addition to rised because supply side effect on, tungsten trade manufacturer is also very important to participate in;The orders of the back-end powder alloy factory haven't been much improved, many manufacturers have prepared goods before the festival, and this part of demand has been overdrawn in advance after the National Day holiday, so now the back-end market is more calm.

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