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Company Brand Building And Risk Control Awareness
Jul 11, 2018

This is inseparable from the company's efforts over the years to firmly establish brand awareness, constantly improve product quality and service level. Export orders during the first half is relatively abundant, in order to further expand the market, export comprehensive optimization distribution platform, eliminating the, under the high rhythm into single quantity at the same time, focus on customer service, tracking product delivery and use of information, to ensure that customers get the goods on schedule and quality, using satisfaction, solid customer base. In terms of domestic sales, facing the means of the main domestic competitors to seize the market with ultra-low prices, our company cannot compete in terms of both production scale and capital background. For this reason, the domestic market has a new way, specializing in the new product market, bypassing the weak areas, taking new products such as zirconia as the breakthrough, looking for a new world. The Marketing Department adheres to the annual work target, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, making profits from customers, maintaining steady sales and strictly implementing the risk control system. Domestic and foreign customers guarantee to conduct business transactions within the safe range, and do not conduct business with the blacklisted enterprises, so as to reduce operational risks. Our company is mainly engaged in foreign sales. The period from order signing, raw material purchasing, production and shipment to customer payment collection is long

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