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Chemical Reaction Of Tungsten Carbide
Mar 21, 2018

Cemented carbide requirements for tungsten carbide WC grain size, according to different uses of cemented carbide, using different sizes of tungsten carbide; carbide cutting tools, such as cutting machine blade V-CUT knife, etc., finishing alloy using ultrafine Asia Fine-grained tungsten carbide; medium-grained tungsten carbide for rough-machining alloys; medium and coarse-grain tungsten carbide for alloys for gravity-cutting and heavy-duty cutting; high tooling rock hardness for high impact loads; coarse-grained tungsten carbide; small impact load for rock shocks Small, the use of tungsten carbide particles as raw materials wear parts; when the emphasis on its wear resistance and surface finish, the use of ultra-fine sub-fine particles of tungsten carbide as raw materials; impact resistance tools used in coarse-grain tungsten carbide raw materials for the Lord.

The theoretical carbon content of tungsten carbide is 6.128% (atomic 50%). When the carbon content of tungsten carbide is greater than the theoretical carbon content, free carbon (WC+C) appears in tungsten carbide, and the presence of free carbon causes carbonization around it. Tungsten grain growth, resulting in uneven grain of cemented carbide; tungsten carbide generally requires high carbon (≥6.07%) free carbon (≤ 0.05%), the total carbon is determined by the production process and use of carbide.

Under normal circumstances, the total carbon of tungsten carbide for vacuum sintering of paraffin waxes is mainly determined by the content of oxygen in the compacts before sintering. One part of oxygen is needed to increase by 0.75 parts of carbon, ie, WC total carbon = 6.13% + oxygen content % x 0.75 (assuming sintering The atmosphere in the furnace is a neutral atmosphere. In practice, most of the vacuum furnaces used for the carburizing atmosphere have less total tungsten carbide than the calculated value). The total carbon content of tungsten carbide in China is broadly divided into three paraffin wax processes. The total carbon content of tungsten carbide for vacuum sintering is about 6.18±0.03% (free carbon will increase). The total carbon content of tungsten carbide for hydrogen sintering is 6.13±0.03. % Rubber Process Hydrogen Sintering Tungsten Carbide Total Carbon = 5.90 ± 0.03% The above process is sometimes performed cross-cuttingly. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the total carbon content of tungsten carbide according to the specific circumstances.

The WC total carbon used for alloys with different ranges of application, different cobalt contents, and different grain sizes can make some minor adjustments. For low-cobalt alloys, tungsten carbide with high total carbon may be used. For high-cobalt alloys, tungsten carbide with low total carbon may be used. In short, the specific use requirements of cemented carbide are different. The requirements for the grain size of tungsten carbide are also different.

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