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APT Market Situation In The Next Half Year Of 2018
Sep 07, 2018

In early August, the domestic tungsten products price keep back, APT market from the beginning of 166000 yuan/ton fell back to 162000 yuan/ton.The combination of trade war and summer break caused the poor demand in the back end, which led to the downward pressure on the price of tungsten and sand, and kept the APT price in a downward trend.Under the current tungsten ore price and discount coefficient calculation, APT cost price is 153000 / ton, compared the cost price and larger gap between the current market price, considering the market demand were slow play and at the end of August to the Chinese exports to the United States of America $200 billion of goods tariffs resolution ground factors such as the huge demand for domestic and foreign indirect effects, although the recent APT descending speed slowed, but there are still cut space, temporary forecast pricing below 160000 yuan/ton.

tungsten ore prices continue downward, extremely weak market demand, market 50 degrees of middlings was white tungsten cash price of about 96000 yuan/BiaoDun.The price of wolframite concentrate is about 98,000 yuan/standard ton. According to the current processing ratio and processing fee, APT cost is about 153,000 yuan/ton.Under the current situation, although the price of tungsten sand continues to decline gradually showing resistance, but considering the backend demand is not free, there is still room and time for the tungsten sand to continue the correction.

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