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2018 Work Plan Meeting
Jun 15, 2018

In January, the company held a year end summary and 2018 work plan meeting. According to the meeting, the marketing department reviewed the work system from all aspects, such as contract review, planning, order scheduling, delivery process, after sale tracking and so on. To implement, In the process of combing the process, we must strictly control the cost and save costs from all aspects. The marketing department is responsible for both sales and procurement, storage and transportation. Departmental personnel from the detailed account, all kinds of sales, procurement, storage and transport ledger become a personal auxiliary tool, not only record order progress, delivery receipts invoices, but also record freight details, cost water, purchase detail and so on, diligent comparison, personal and last month comparison, compared with the same period last year, and the other related parts. The doors are checked together, updated every day, summed up at all times, so that daily work has goals, costs are controlled, and tasks are implemented. In the first quarter, the sales cost was 162 thousand yuan, a decrease of 29 thousand yuan over the 191 thousand yuan in the same period last year.

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