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2018 Strive To Grasp The Policy Orientation And Actively Seek Policy Support
Jul 05, 2018

After the introduction of national and local policies, the company actively

contacted relevant departments and units, carefully understood and understood the policies, and strived to obtain relevant policy support. In the first batch of local power direct sale preferential electricity price, January to may have accumulated more than 50,000 yuan of direct sale price discount. When implement r&d reserve system in hunan province, the county administrative department of science and technology haven't had time to learn more about the work of the operation situation, our company is the first time response and established company reserve system, for the record after, immediately to disclose the information, get 2017 awards are expected to apply for subsidy of 100000 yuan. Due to sufficient preparation and timely application, we have obtained 25,000 yuan of foreign exhibition subsidy as we wish.

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