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2018 Sales Strategy
Jun 22, 2018

Domestic sales, one is closely linked with the old customers, the two is to vigorously develop new customers. In the increasingly fierce competition environment, the main competitors in China seize the market with ultra-low prices. Our company can not compete in terms of production scale and capital background. To this end, the domestic market has opened up a new path to specialize in the new product market, bypass the vulnerable areas, and look for new world with new products such as zirconium oxide. The adjustment of product structure has always been the focus of the company's work. As the leader of the marketing department, the marketing department collects and obtains the latest market demand information at home and abroad. The company's R & D team Digestis and absorbs and selects the best category to carry out the test, forms the fastest and most economical and most effective R & D model, and the improvement of the technology research and development system, the production process improvement, and the public company to shorten and shorten the product's independent innovation step by step. The gap between international advanced level and sustainable development.

In terms of export, in 2017, the market was not very effective through the Alibaba, and the new platform for foreign trade express was started in 2018. After a series of work, such as construction and Optimization in the first quarter, the official operation was expected to begin in May. In the first quarter, export orders and volumes were large until orders for the two quarter were already full. Under such a high rhythm, the customer will focus on the customer service, follow the product delivery and use information to ensure that the customer gets the goods on schedule, and the use is satisfactory.

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