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2018 Risk And Policy
Aug 03, 2018

Hard faced materials belong to the end industry products of our group's industrial chain. Its application is one of the matrix materials, which belongs to the main material of the end user. According to the market law, the product structure is relatively complex, the technical difficulty is relatively high and the return period is long, which is determined by the characteristics of its products. On the other hand, we seek development in the market development period, no scale advantage, no capital advantage, no superior technical advantage, and the only advantage is cost. However, with the intensification of competition, manufacturers of hard faced materials have been cutting costs, and our cost advantages have also been lost. In the increasingly competitive situation, the only thing we can do is at least not less than the payment period that the competitors give in the market. Besides, we mainly do export sales, including the shipping cycle, including the shipping, and the shipping of bills of lading. Another characteristic of hard surface material production is a wide variety of products, and the market feedback is relatively fast. We need to prepare a large amount of inventory to meet the customers and prepare in advance in advance. In order to achieve profit targets, we also need to make some reserves of raw materials.

To sum up, due to the limited strength of the company, they are forced to make concessions on the refund cycle, but these concession measures are deeply analyzed. With the credit basis, the long-term and stable customers at home and abroad are allowed to take the corresponding measures of selling and selling on credit, and improving the price of the products to ensure the profit.

Our work on wind control system is very short, the organization is not perfect, and the system is not perfect. In the previous audit and research work, the company has put forward that there are many problems in the establishment and function of the system and the establishment and function of the company, one is missing, the two is imperfect, and the three is the non implementation record. Because our company is born out of private enterprises, it pursues highly efficient and streamlined institutions and personnel setup. It has simple communication forms, has common decision-making but does not form text files. And the production is in the old area of Yanling County, the introduction of high quality talents is difficult, the level of middle management is insufficient and the basic work of risk management is weak, which is indeed a short board in our management work.

The company's countermeasures.

First, high quality customers, our policy is timely communication, prudent receipt, active payment, signing contract more emphasis on timeliness, delivery and documents strictly in place, to avoid risks, on this basis, to strive for more orders, to expand the market; two, new customers strictly cash spot; three, positive and insurance companies Contact, understand the return insurance, export business strive to sign the return insurance, reduce the risk of enterprise capital; four, clean up bad debts, for more than one year and no business contacts plan to pursue legal procedure; five, continuous product structure adjustment, gradually reduce the low profit of traditional low-end products, increase higher The value-added products are developed and manufactured to enhance the strength and core competitiveness of the enterprises and reduce the three capital occupancy; six, the marketing work insists on the principle of multi-channel development, closely surrounding the strategic development target and overall planning of the group company, the multi-dimensional optimization of marketing mode, the broadening of the market face, the implementation of the differentiation competition and the full effort to build Brand effectiveness, and innovative products and services to get rid of low price competition, based on fostering new economic growth point.

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