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2018 Market Strategy
Jul 24, 2018

In order to achieve the strategic goal, we firmly seize a good market opportunity, vigorously develop new product research and development and upgrading of traditional products, focus on improving production capacity and technological innovation, at the same time ploughing the end user market, expanding sales channels. Under the guidance of "people-oriented, scientific and technological strength, focus on the future, and innovation and development", we adhere to the road of "strong science and technology". We can accelerate the gap with the world's leading level through the independent innovation model of creative sales and research and development, and continue to expand the market share of big countries, and also for domestic potential. The huge market has accumulated energy. Through continuous technological transformation, a series of advanced technology has been popularized and applied, and the product structure has been continuously optimized. Since 2017, the scientific research cooperation project has greatly improved the company's technology level and accelerated the growth of the market. Great progress has been made in the research and development of high performance thermal spraying powder products and the research and development of ultra hard cast tungsten carbide, such as hot spraying powder, high deposition rate Cr3C2 based thermal spraying powder, YSZ new ceramic spray powder, zirconium oxide and other new spray powder products, which have been submitted to customers for trial. The product category of the company is increased to 5 categories and 68 brands. The variety of brand names is the first in the country.

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