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What is thermal spray?
Jun 06, 2018

Thermal spraying is a kind of surface strengthening technology and an important part of surface engineering technology. A [2] is a new technology project in China. It uses some heat source (such as arc, plasma spraying or combustion flame) to heat the powder or filamentous metal or non metal material into molten or semi melting state. After the use of the flame retention itself or compressed air at a certain velocity to the surface of the pretreated substrate, a technique for forming a surface coating with various functions is formed.

2. thermal spraying principle [3]: thermal spraying refers to a series of processes in which fine and dispersed metal or non metal coating materials are deposited on a prepared substrate by a melting or semi melting state, forming a spray deposition layer. The coating material can be powdery, banded, filamentous or rod shaped. The thermal spray gun provides the necessary heat from the fuel gas, arc or plasma arc, and heat the thermal spraying material into the plastic or molten state, and then the acceleration of the compressed air, which makes the constrained particle beam impacted on the surface of the matrix. The particles that are impacted on the surface are deformed by stamping, forming laminated sheets that adhere to the surface of the prepared matrix and then cool and accumulate, eventually forming a layered coating. Because of the different coating materials, the coating can achieve high temperature corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat insulation and electromagnetic wave resistance.

3. definition: thermal spraying is a metal surface processing method of spraying coating on the surface of parts by high speed air flow. We call the special work surface "coating", and the working method of the coating is called "thermal spraying". It is the general name of spraying and spray welding with various heat sources.

4. use: it can be atomized into tiny droplets or high temperature particles under the action of high speed airflow. It is sprayed to the surface of the processed workpiece with high flying speed, forming a solid cover layer, thus making the workpiece surface with different hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, insulation, insulation, conduction, sealing and elimination. Toxicity, microwave radiation and other special physical and chemical properties. It can be repaired and used in the maintenance of the equipment, so that the scrap parts can be "returned to death", and it can be strengthened and pre protected in the manufacturing of new products to make it "prolong life".

5. thermal spraying material: spray powder plays a very important role in the whole hot spraying material. The thermal spraying alloy powder includes nickel base, iron base and cobalt based alloy powder, and is applied to repair and protect mechanical parts according to different coating hardness.

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