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Thermal Spray Powder NiCr-Cr3C2 80/20
Jun 25, 2018

The powder is made up of two components of different properties. Among them, NiCr alloy has good heat and corrosion resistance, and the common ingredient is 80%Ni-20%Cr. The Cr-C system has three compounds Cr3C2 Cr7C3 and Cr23C6, and the melting temperatures are 1810 degree C, 1726 degree C and 1575 degree C respectively. Cr3C2 is a common and important one. The characteristics of these chromium carbide are that they have strong oxidation resistance in metal carbides, and they only start to oxidize in air only at 1100-1400 degrees. High hardness remains at high temperature. Cr3C2 also has very strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance, in dilute sulfuric acid solution is 30 times the corrosion resistance of 1Crl8Ni9Ti stainless steel, and in the steam is 50 times the Co-WC alloy. Spraying the power plant boiler tube with NiCr-Cr3C2, the wear rate of the tube wall is reduced from 1.5-2.0mm / year to 0.03mm / year, and its working life is extended to more than seven years. NiCr is usually used as a heat resistant alloy bonding phase to form a coating similar to that of Cr3C2 hard. By using or plasma spraying, the NiCr alloy and Cr3C2 ceramics can have sufficient conditions to form a homogeneous metal ceramic coating. This coating has the functions of wear resistance, erosion resistance, cavitation and microvibration under high temperature conditions, as well as high temperature gas.


It is characterized by gas corrosion and high temperature oxidation. Typical applications are: coal fired boiler tube power plant, paper mill metallurgical annealing furnace roll, thermoforming mould, hydraulic press valve, burning rod core shaft, turbine air seal ring, wind gear, inner nozzle support, pump sleeve, hot roller, piston guide, fork, compressor gas seal, telescopic joint, turbine nozzle, fake tool, turbine exhaust. Gas support, etc.

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