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Thermal Spray Coating
Jul 12, 2018

The thermal spray coating comprises a heat source, which melts the coating material into tiny droplets in the form of powder, wire or rod and spray it to the substrate at high speed. Thermal spray coatings can enhance and improve the performance of substrate by increasing wear and tear resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance or high temperature resistance. It is compatible with different substrates such as metals and plastics. Various types of coating materials, such as ceramics, carbides, metals and alloys, polymers and metallic ceramics, are used in thermal spraying coatings. Thermal spray coating has the advantages of thick coating, high deposition rate and low toxic gas emission during surface treatment such as nickel plating, chromium plating, nitriding or heat treatment, anodic oxidation and weld covering.

Thermal spray coatings are widely used in aerospace, automobile, health care, energy and power, electronics, agriculture and industry. Coat, for example, they are widely used in industrial parts, such as aerospace precision parts, agricultural equipment, auto parts, industrial gas turbines, electronic components, reactor and other equipment, food and beverage industry & chemical reactor equipment and medical equipment, to prevent the environmental conditions, such as corrosion, cavitation, corrosion, wear, wear and heat.

The need to improve the durability of machine parts and avoid high replacement costs later may drive market growth during the forecast period. The growing use of the healthcare industry in applications such as prosthetics, dental implants and orthopedics is expected to drive growth for some time to come. In addition, a considerable change in consumer preferences for thermal spray coating in hard chrome plating of the EPA and achieve high VOC content strictly opposes the use of coating is a key driver of global forecast period of thermal spraying coating market.

The global thermal spraying market is divided by coating materials, heat sources, processes, end-use industries and regions.

On the basis of coating materials, the global thermal spraying coating market is divided into ceramics, hard alloys, metals and alloys, polymers and metal ceramics.

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