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The spring of China's super-hard materials industry may have come
Jul 13, 2018

Of superhard materials and products industry in China, the common abrasives industry, coated abrasive industry, in terms of its production capacity and production, has become the world's first big country, by the "big" change "strong" is the rule of industrial development in the world, if our industrial policies and measures for the powerful, can speed up the process. At present our country has begun the 12th five-year plan, the transformation of economic development, industrial structure adjustment, construction of innovative enterprise, a series of measures such as the road to low carbon economy will speed up reform of abrasives industry in China, will make it from quantitative change to qualitative change, qualitative results will be stronger. At present, China's super hard materials industry is the first to enter the ranks of world powers.

In recent years, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the United States, Japan, India, Iran, the world diamond company all have bought six sides top press in our country, and even foreign companies to buy six sides in our country with the top pressure machine factory in China. It fully shows the superior performance of the six-sided superhard material synthesis press which has our own intellectual property right. This is the pride of the Chinese people and the pride of the Chinese super hard material people. China is now one of the world's great powers in superhard materials. China's super hard materials and products industry will take the lead in becoming one of the industries with a voice in the world.

Now diamond, CBN - hardness, by utilizing the structure performance in machinery, aerospace, military, petroleum, geology, coal, stone, glass, ceramics, hardware, electronic industry of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and other industries widely used. Is more welcome in our country in the aspect of diamond can also produce 7-12 mm large single crystal, coarse crystal, fine monocrystalline, polycrystalline, nano single-crystal diamond (detonation method) and polycrystalline diamond (explosion method), and CVD (chemical vapor deposition of diamond thin film) and PVD (physical vapor deposition of diamond film), diamond compact (PCD, PDC); In cubic boron nitride (CBN) can produce all kinds of complete crystal shape, high intensity of dark brown, yellow, dark brown, dark brown, amber, black, etc all kinds of brand of CBN monocrystal and PCBN composite films. Arguably the superhard material industry is developing rapidly in our country, the variety is complete, at the same time for the development and application of diamond in the aspect of function created the conditions, in optical, electrical, thermal, acoustic, etc has a good application prospect. As in photovoltaic, semiconductor, LED, optical lens, heat sink, speakers, and other areas of the industry will be used widely, has broad space for development, to say the spring has arrived in China superhard material industry.

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