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The development and present situation of powder metallurgy in automobile industry
Oct 11, 2018

After the financial crisis and economic depression since 2008, "re-industrialization" strategies have been proposed and implemented.In addition, information technology and manufacturing have started to be deeply integrated, which has a far-reaching impact on industrial reform. All countries are vigorously promoting the development of cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, 3D (3D) printing, biological engineering, new energy and new materials and other technologies, striving to gain advantages in the new round of manufacturing competition.To this end, the state council issued the "made in China 2025" planning the blueprint of China's manufacturing industry independent development, with the special function of metal materials, high performance structure materials, functional polymer material, special inorganic non-metallic materials and advanced composite material as a representative of the new material is listed as one of the key breakthrough development areas.At the same time, made in China 2025 emphasizes the green manufacturing concept of accelerating the green transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and promoting the efficient recycling of resources.Powder metallurgy is near net forming and energy-saving and efficient characteristics, is a typical green manufacturing technology, while the traditional iron-based powder metallurgy of the whole industry more than 70% market share, but high temperature refractory metal, magnetic material, powder materials has become an important part of 3 d printing materials, medical materials and other aspects of the study is also very active.The national plan for the innovative development of manufacturing industry provides a broad space for the development of powder metallurgy materials and their preparation technology in China, and also brings new challenges.

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