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PTA related applications
Mar 21, 2018

PTA is one of the important bulk organic raw materials and is widely used in various aspects of the national economy such as chemical fiber, light industry, electronics, and construction. At the same time, the application of PTA is more concentrated. More than 90% of PTA in the world is used to produce polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PET). The production of one ton of PET requires 0.85-0.86 tons of PTA and 0.33-0.34 tons of MEG (ethylene glycol). Polyesters include fiber chips, polyester fibers, bottle sections, and film sections. In the domestic market, 75% of PTA is used to produce polyester fiber; 20% is used to produce bottle-grade polyester; it is mainly used for the packaging of various beverages, especially carbonated beverages; and 5% is used for film-grade polyesters. For packaging materials, films and tapes. It can be seen that the downstream extension products of PTA are mainly polyester fibers.

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