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PTA production method
Mar 21, 2018

The production method uses paraxylene as raw material, liquid phase oxidation to produce crude terephthalic acid, and then hydrorefining, crystallization, separation and drying to obtain refined terephthalic acid.

PTA is the lower end product of petroleum. Petroleum produces naphtha (alias light gasoline) through a certain process, extracts MX (naphthylene) from naphtha, and extracts PX (paraxylene). PTA uses PX (formulation 65%-67%) as raw material, acetic acid as solvent, and is oxidized by air under the action of the catalyst (oxygen accounts for 35%-33%) to produce crude terephthalic acid. The crude terephthalic acid is then subjected to hydrorefining to remove impurities, followed by crystallization, separation, and drying to obtain a purified terephthalic acid product, that is, a PTA product.

There are domestic and international manufacturers of crude terephthalic acid, such as EPTA of Sanxin Petrochemical and QTA of Sannan South Korea. There are fewer refinements in the production process. Low cost, price advantage, can meet the needs of different polyester companies

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