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crystalline tungsten carbide
Jun 29, 2018

Appearance: the appearance of single crystal tungsten carbide powder is granular, gray, and has good fluidity.

Deep gray loose powder

Granularity range: 0.84mm-0.038mm/20-400mesh

Characteristics: single crystal tungsten carbide is also called macrocrystalline tungsten carbide. It is a completely carbonized and compact alloy powder. Compared with the conventional WC, the tungsten carbide powder with uniform structure, more thermal stability and larger crystalline particle can be obtained.

Main purposes: single crystal tungsten carbide is a matrix material used in petroleum and geological exploration, and is also a new type of cemented carbide raw material.

Application: single crystal WC is a kind of fully carbonized and granular tungsten carbide powder with uniform structure, superior thermal stability and coarse crystalline particles. It has good wettability for nickel, feral, cobalt, iron and copper. It has excellent impact resistance. The size range of particles is from micron to 40 eyes. It is through the use of selected raw materials and unconventional materials. A tungsten carbide powder prepared by special alloying means, crushing and screening, surface treatment and other special processes and means.

Other uses of single crystal tungsten carbide, application:

1. single crystal tungsten carbide powder and cobalt bonded metal are mixed into hot sprayed hard surface materials. PTA plasma and HVOF spray are used to process aircraft engine, paper rolling and rolling, chemical technology and equipment, copying equipment and so on.

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