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Common use of thermal spray powder
Jun 07, 2018

Nickel-based fluxed alloy powder is nickel element matrix, adding chromium, boron, silicon, carbon, copper, molybdenum, and other elements, low melting point alloy powder, autolyzed sex good, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, such as performance, is currently the most widely used a self fluxed alloy powder spray welding.


Iron base alloy powder is divided into two types, one is stainless steel, containing more nickel and chromium elements; The other type is high chromium cast iron, which contains high chromium and carbon elements.


Cobalt-based fluxed alloy powder is based on cobalt element matrix, adding chromium, tungsten, nickel, boron, silicon and other elements, has excellent high temperature performance, good red hardness, wear resistance and oxidation resistance.


Copper base fluxed alloy powder based on copper substrate, adding the right amount of nickel, chromium, boron, silicon, manganese and other elements, this kind of alloy powder has good mechanical performance, high plasticity, easy processing, good corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, etc.

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