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Characteristics of arc spraying technology
Oct 24, 2018

Arc spraying technology is a kind of technology with low cost, high efficiency, energy saving, flexible operation, stable coating quality and high bonding strength. Its own advantages provide a precondition for it to play a role in the field of anti-corrosion, laying a foundation for its popularization and application in a wide range of fields.Arc spraying technology has the following advantages:

The preparation is simple.It only needs to set spraying parameters by adjusting the knob once, and there is no need to repeat setting when spraying in the future, which provides conditions for rapid maintenance, saves time, reduces stopping time in the remanufacturing process and reduces the cost of remanufacturing

2. High spraying efficiency.The unit time spraying quantity of high-speed arc spraying is much larger than that of flame spraying and plasma spraying.

3. Convenient to change spraying materials.Arc spraying only involves the replacement of spraying wire, safe and reliable, while flame spraying requires the replacement of gas cylinders, bulky and dangerous

4. High safety.Arc spraying technology only USES electricity and compressed air, does not need oxygen and acetylene etc flammable gas, high safety.

Low costs.Arc spraying is a very economical method of thermal spraying. Its energy efficiency is very high, and the price of electricity is far lower than that of oxygen and acetylene. Its cost is usually only 1/10 of that of flame spraying.The cost of anti-corrosion coating prepared by arc spraying technology is greatly reduced.

6. High quality of coating.High-speed arc spraying technology improves the flight speed and atomization quality of molten particles, reduces the porosity of the coating and increases the bonding strength of the coating to the substrate.

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