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Cast Tungsten Carbide Powder
Jul 02, 2018

Hardness (HRA): 93-93.7

Microhardness: 2500-3000kg/mm2

Density: 16.5g/cm3

Melting point: 2525 degrees centigrade.

organization structure

1. the structure of cast tungsten carbide should be uniform, dense and glossy. High carbon cast tungsten carbide should not be severely burned.

2. the micro structure of the high carbon cast tungsten carbide powder is not less than 75%.


1. the appearance of cast tungsten carbide powder is silver gray, and its shape is multi prism. The length and width of particles are less than 2: 1, and the particles are not aggregated.

2. the steel tube surface of the cast tungsten carbide tube should be cleaned, and the yellow rust spot, the waist and the depth of the 0.3mm should not be visible to the naked eye, and the defects such as the suitable burr, bending and so on are affected.

3. the length of the cast tungsten carbide tube is 390 mm 5. Pipe joints should be overlapped, butt joint shall not be allowed, and no powder leakage can occur.


1. casting tungsten carbide is widely used in mining, petroleum, metallurgical industry, construction machinery, steel and other industries.

Such as: PDC bit, oil drilling rod, TC bearing and so on. It can also be used to strengthen the surface of the tool.

2. cast tungsten carbide electrode is widely used in surface welding of workpiece in metallurgy, construction, grain and oil processing, mining machinery and other industries.

It is especially suitable for surface surfacing of petroleum and natural gas geological tools. It has excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance and high comprehensive performance.

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