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Advantages and typical applications of yttria stabilized zirconia YSZ
Jun 19, 2018

1. Advantages of yttrium oxide stabilized zirconia YSZ


Common zirconia stabilizers are usually alkaline earth oxides or rare earth oxides, such as yttrium oxide, cerium oxide, calcium oxide, and Magnesium Oxide. The stability of zirconia stabilized by these stabilizers is similar, but their properties are different. In application, zirconia doped with yttrium oxide has good comprehensive properties and is also the most applied solid electrolyte. The conductivity of stabilized zirconia is the best, but its mechanical properties are relatively poor, and the stability of zirconia doped with calcium oxide is better than other stabilizers, but it is relatively cheap but easy. Decalcification instability; stable zirconia doped with Magnesium Oxide is generally low in conductivity and low in cost, but its long-term performance is poor and is generally used as consumables.


Yttrium oxide is used as stabilizer, which is mainly a tetragonal structure. The bending strength of all zirconia materials is the highest, especially when sintering is suppressed. Yttria stabilized zirconia has fine grain size and is suitable for cutting in a cutting tool because of its high wear resistance. The fine grain makes the produced ceramics densely dense, without many pores, with excellent mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, impact toughness, thermal shock resistance and extremely low thermal conductivity. Due to these characteristics, yttria stabilized zirconia is mainly used in wear-resistant parts, cutting tools and thermal barrier coatings.


Two. Typical applications of yttrium stabilized zirconia:


1. solid oxide fuel cell SOFC

Solid oxide fuel cell (solid oxide fuel cell) is a solid state chemical power plant, which is directly stored in fuel and oxidizing agent in medium and high temperature, which can be converted into electric energy efficiently and environment-friendly. In the SOFC system, the anode support is made of macro - nano U706 ZRO2-8Y, and YSZ is an excellent oxygen ion conductor, and is stable in the oxidizing atmosphere and reduction atmosphere. It is an ideal material used in the solid oxide fuel cell.


2. bioceramics, electronic ceramics, structure ceramics

Yttria stabilized zirconia for U703 ZRO2-3Y Biograde denture is characterized by high fracture strength, high fracture toughness and high transmittance. The quality of the jade is very strong. It is highly whitening. It can match well with the human tooth color. It is very suitable for milling with manual grinding apparatus or CAD/CAM equipment.


3. artificial jewels, color ceramic ornaments

The hardness of zirconia color ceramic ornaments is close to the natural diamond, which is lighter than metal, never worn, never discoloured, never rusty, beautiful and durable, bright, texture and visual.


4. refractories

Yttria stabilized zirconia is used as a refractory material for burning ceramic backing plates, melting glass and metallurgical metal refractories.


5. oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor is the standard configuration of the automobile. It is used to measure the oxygen potential in the automobile exhaust pipe by the ceramic sensitive element, and the corresponding oxygen concentration is calculated by the principle of chemical balance to monitor and control the combustion air fuel ratio, so as to ensure the quality of the product and the measuring components of the exhaust emission to the standard. The zirconia element in the sensor acts as an electrolyte.


6. more applications

Wear parts, thermal barrier coatings, optical fibers, rings and bushings, grinding media.

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